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Katie, Beef, Alan and Miles discuss William Girdler's goitertastic, The Manitou.

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All the boys (and Katie) discuss All The Boys Love Mandy Lane!

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Katie, Beef, Alan and Miles discuss the fine line between horror and action with Canon's Ninja III: The Domination!

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Katie, Beef and Miles discuss the Mel Brooks produced, "The Vagrant" starring Bill Paxton!

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Katie, Beef and Miles discuss "Uninvited," a movie about a poison cat loose on a yacht with George Kennedy and some dude from Baywatch.

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The Seventh Annual Howloween Spooktacular kicks off tonight with a (very loud) review of the 1979 psychotronic battle between good and evil, The Visitor!

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A "commentary" for 1991's Father of the Bride. Yes.

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Miles and Beef watch that movie from the 80s where John Lithgow slaps bigfoot!

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Miles and Katie talk about the Summer. In abstract. And then Sharknado.

Seriously though, this is a fun one. Listen up!

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Miles (@showshowist) is once again joined by Beef (@mikepallotta), this time to have a segmented discussion of V/H/S/2, the latest in a proud tradition of found footage horror anthologies.

And while Katie may be missing this week, you can still follow her on twitter at @KatieWynner. Do that.

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