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Katie is sick, so she missed Slime City, which made Miles sick to his tummy.

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Miles, Katie and Beef Skype it up as they discuss Street Trash, a modern-day adaptation of Aladdin!

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Miles, Katie and Beef roll on with a much better movie! Resolution! Based on the German film, Der Resolution!

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The Eighth(!) Annual Howloween Spooktacular kicks off with Absentia, a well-reviewed snooze!

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The slithery dee came out of the sea. It ate all of my friends, but it didn't eat me. This week, we talk about the passing of Robin Williams and Snowpierecer. It's kind of a somber affair.

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Miles, Katie and Beef discuss The Frozen Ground and Killing Season, two awful movies with inexplicably amazing casts. But there's more! So much more! Including (but not limited to) the return of The Most Dangerous Game, wherein the loser must watch a terrible movie (Gallowwalkers) for next week's episode. Who will live? Who will die? The answers await on this week's ShowShow!

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The final chapter in our "Three Colors" trilogy! Katie and Miles shake loose the shackles of non-conformity and return fully to the world of regularly scheduled podcasting!

As always, we talk about movies.

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Miles and Katie reunite after more than six months of podcasting silence to give you an episode replete with spills, chills, thrills and krills. They talk about many things, some philosophical, some metaphysical. Mostly though, they talk about the most recent season of Mad Men, Godzilla and Homefront. Miles was going to talk about how he'd just seen Tarkovsky's Stalker for the first time, but he didn't get around to it. Oh well! That's the way the ookie cookie crumbles. Say lah vee.

On a side note, this is an enhanced podcast, which means coupons good for any free, medium pizza with your choice of eight toppings will come out of your listening device if you use the coupon code: azzazle. Simply scream this word when you hear the phrase, "new dog" and redeem your prize. Note: Only compatible listening devices like the V-Tech Touch Smart and the Kidz Wonder Gram-O-Phone are elligable. Void in New England, because, like, how could there even be a "new" England, right?

For more information, send your letters to that unnamed mountain with the constantly circling buzzards. The one with all of the dead pirates at the base of it, clutching swords in one hand and empty wine sacks in the other. If you send your questions there, they will be answered, subtly, in ways you'd never expect.

This has been a Desilu production

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Miles and Beef talk through The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Short Term 12. They liked one a lot.

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This is a good one. Happy Halloween, everyone.

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